Girl Hands Resume of Her Unemployed Father to First Lady Michelle Obama at White House

A 10-year-old girl whose father has been out of work for nearly three years handed her dad’s resume to first lady Michelle Obama at the White House today.

The girl, Charlotte Bell, visited the East Room of the White House for Mrs. Obama’s annual question-an-answer session with children of Executive Office employees, according to the Associated Press.

The girl’s mother, who works in the executive branch, told the AP that the family had joked with Charlotte about making a job pitch on her father’s behalf, but her parents did not think she would actually try it.

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But, Charlotte stood up from her seat in the front row, told the first lady about her father’s situation and handed her his resume, according to the AP.

Mrs. Obama explained to other children in the room that the matter was “a little private, but she’s doing something for her dad.”

The AP reported that Charlotte’s father, Ben Bell, worked on Obama’s campaign in 2012, has been looking for a policy job for more than two years and recently began looking for a job with the Obama administration.

After the event, Mrs. Obama gave Charlotte a hug and grabbed Mr. Bell’s resume off a table.