South Boston to Get Completely Rezoned for the First Time in 50 Years

PICTUREDESK PHOTO-- Boston - 5/23/2000 - New convention site under construction at center, background. South Boston neighborhoods in foreground. Library tag 05282000 Metro (bulldog edition only) whiteyglobebook cover
An aerial photo of South Boston taken in 2000.
(The Boston Globe)

City officials are proposing to rezone all of South Boston for the first time in 50 years, according to the Boston Business Journal.

City Councilors Bill Linehan and Michael Flaherty are behind the idea, the outlet reported Tuesday.

Development in the neighborhood has been booming in recent years and nearly two dozen projects are slated to be built, the report said.

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But only two sub-sections of Southie have been rezoned in the past five decades. The last neighborhood-wide rezoning there was in 1964, according to the BBJ.

The rezoning process, which would involve community input and could take up to two years to finish, will be used to set rules and guidelines for future construction, including around issues such as height, density and parking.