Teacher Finds Animal Bones in Plastic Egg

Oh, ew.

Everyone loves finding little surprises in their plastic eggs this time of year, though this may be a bit much: one North Carolina teacher said an egg she intended for her preschool students came packaged with a collection of small animal bones.

WCNC-TV reports that the cargo could “have easily been mistaken for candy.” We aren’t too sure about that, judging by the pictures, but the whole incident is still pretty gross either way:

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"I've had them looked at by two different vets and they confirmed they are bones and they were cooked," Purser said.

Purser believes someone intentionally, perhaps maliciously, put them in the egg.

"It's not a rat or mouse," Purser said. "Both vets don't feel like it's any sort of bird. Both of them agree it's some sort of small mammal."


"Had my plans not changed at the last minute, this would have been found by a four or five year old child," she said.

Purser says she plans to bring the bones to an anthropologist she hopes could further identify the egg’s contents.

Dollar General said they would refund Purser’s money and are investigating the incident with the product’s manufacturer.