What The Hell Is ‘Pizza Cake’?

A restaurant chain called Boston Pizza is about to blow your mind. After adding some innovative new items to their menu, including a “pizzaburger” and pizza tacos, they’ve opened the floor to their customers for feedback on some other wacky ideas.

Eater reports that, through a social media campaign called “Pizza Game Changers,” the company is asking for votes on everything from pizza mints to a gas-powered pizza slicer.

All of that is crazy enough, but you can’t imagine what’s in the lead.

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It’s called a pizza cake, and frankly, it looks like the misguided creation of a laboratory run by stoners.

Is cake good? Sure. Is pizza good? Also sure. But who in their right mind would want to combine the two?

Apparently over 1,700 people, that’s who. The confounding combination of pastry and pie is leading by more than 1,200 votes in the campaign that promises, “If you like it, we’ll make it.”

Whether or not pizza cake will ever become a reality is hard to say since the vote includes some items that are already on the menu at Boston Pizza.

But worry not, the demon-child of your local bakeries and pizzerias likely won’t have any impact here in the Hub. Despite it’s name, Boston Pizza is a Canada-based chain.

That almost makes this idea seem logical. After all, when half your life is spent in polar vortices, a mound of moist cake filled with piping hot cheese and pepperoni is less meal option than means of shelter from the elements.

(H/T @drewmagary)