Reebok says its new delta ‘brand mark’ is not a logo, but a symbol

Shoe features new Reebok brand mark. Photo courtesy of Reebok.
Shoe features new Reebok brand mark. Photo courtesy of Reebok.

Reebok, the Canton-based athletic footwear and apparel brand, said Friday that it is marking a shift in focus, in part by unveiling a new brand symbol.

The delta, Reebok said, is not a logo but a symbol --- a symbol of change. And a “way of life,” the brand added.

A Reebok shoe with previous logo. Photo taken from Reebok’s website.

“The branding change coincides with Reebok’s singular focus on fitness,” the brand said in a press release. “... Through the millennia, the delta has been a symbol of change and transformation. The Reebok Delta has three distinct parts each representing the changes—physical, mental and social – that occur when people push themselves beyond their perceived limits and embrace an active and challenging life.”

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In a statement, Reebok’s chief marketing officer Matt O’Toole added, “It is our symbol of change—an invitation to take part and to unlock your true potential. It’s not a logo, it’s a symbol … a way of life.”

Starting in 1986, Reebok used a vector-style logo. Going forward, the Reebok delta symbol will be featured on nearly all Reebok fitness products, a company spokesman said.

Reebok recently opened a FitHubs store in Braintree store, among the first of 10 such stores planned for the East Coast. The new store concept — which mixes retail with regularly scheduled exercise classes — is the latest step in Reebok’s effort to return to its personal fitness roots after a less successful foray into team sports shoes and apparel, an October story in the Globe noted.

Reebok’s parent company is Adidas AG.