Rugby types will eat your lunch --- after they’ve been energized with a Weetabix breakfast

Image taken from the Weetabix website.
Image taken from the Weetabix website.

Weetabix, a whole grain cereal brand with offices in Marlborough, is becoming the Official Breakfast Cereal of USA Rugby.

Weetabix USA is part of Weetabix North America, a subsidiary of UK-based Weetabix International. USA Rugby is the governing body for the sport of rugby in America.

With the marketing mantra of “You Are What You Weetabix,” the company says its product line-up is both healthful and delicious. That line-up includes Weetabix Whole Grain Biscuits, Weetabix Crispy Flakes, and Weetabix Crispy Flakes & Fiber.

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“Weetabix is a delicious, high performance breakfast cereal, packing more whole grains and fiber per serving than most cereals on the market,” US Weetabix brand manager Lizzie Bell said in a statement. “Athletes of all ages – whether they are playing on an after-school team or on a professional level – need wholesome breakfast options to provide them with the sustained energy they need to win every match! We’re thrilled to be the Official Breakfast Cereal of USA Rugby, and provide hearty whole grain fuel to rugby players across the country to give players the boost they need to perform.”