Chinese court sides with AMSC on jurisdictional matters in copyright infringement cases

AMSC, a Devens company that makes software used to manage energy grids, said that China’s Supreme People’s Court has ruled in its favor on jurisdictional matters in its ongoing lawsuits that allege copyright infringement by a former Chinese customer that makes wind turbines.

The Chinese company, once AMSC’s largest customer, is Sinovel Wind Group Ltd.

In four legal cases that AMSC brought in 2011, AMSC claims that Sinovel breached its contract with the US company and allegedly stole its technology. In all those actions combined, AMSC is seeking $1.2 billion in damages and reimbursements.

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Sinovel has repeatedly denied that it engaged in intellectual property theft.

As part of its legal battle against Sinovel, AMSC is pursuing two copyright infringement cases, one in a court in Beijing, another in a court in Hainan province. Sinovel attempted to have these two cases dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.

In a Wednesday press release, AMSC said that China’s Supreme People’s Court had decided in its favor and ruled that the two cases will be heard in the court system, rather than in arbitration.

In these two cases, AMSC is seeking about $6.2 million and court orders prohibiting Sinovel form using AMSC’s technology.

Meanwhile, AMSC’s larger legal actions against Sinovel are still pending.