Kickstarter plus Valentine’s Day chutzpah lead to funding pitch for romantic rock opera

Logo of rock opera author Marcus.
Logo of rock opera author Marcus.

Producing Broadway-style musicals tends to be a collaborative effort, and one with a high failure rate, but that isn’t deterring a one-man band of sorts from turning to Kickstarter in his quest to help bankroll the production of a “romantic Faery Tale rock opera.”

With Valentine’s Day upon us, Mark David Lopsey suggests that this is the perfect time to ballyhoo his musical ‘‘Monica Rose & Prince Charm Inc.’’ When in the musical mode, Lopsey prefers to go by the stage name of Marcus. Say what you will about Marcus, he does not lack for chutzpah.

His press release offers this tidbit: “A video for the feature song, ‘‘Maybe,’’ was shot along the New England coastline at dawn and features Olivia Moore, a Boston-area college student.” (See video below.)

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When not tune-smithing and tweaking the 19-song production, Lopsey, 56, can sometimes be found doing general contracting and carpentry work in and around Portsmouth, N.H.

Fifty years or so ago, the Beatles showed that four working-class lads with pawnshop guitars and a sunny attitude could change the world. And who knows? Recent advances could be equally liberating. Take today’s music technology, throw in Kickstarter, and nearly anyone with talent has a shot at being a Broadway impresario.

‘‘I hope people will enjoy the music and the concept, and make this Faery Tale come true,” Lopsey said.

His release added: “A campaign runs from February 14 through March 16, 2014 to raise money for a cinematic production as the next step toward the theatrical stage. Those who make pledges can elect to receive an audio CD and other thank you gifts.”

Too bad Max Bialystock of “The Producers” didn’t have Kickstarter. He might have made good.