Gillette: ‘In life and in shaving, a millimeter makes all the difference’

Gillette, the Boston-based shaving brand, is using the Winter Olympics to unveil a new marketing campaign that Gillette describes as a “modern vision” of its long-running “The Best a Man Can Get” mantra.

The new vision could be dubbed “By a Hair.” And it is designed to highlight how “a man’s most important moments, from professional achievements to personal relationships, are often determined by mere fractions,” a Gillette press release said.  “Whether a moment between father and son or taking that buzzer-beating winning shot at goal, the distance between a man and his best can come down to the tiniest of measures.  In life and at the Olympic Winter Games, men will either make it or miss it not by a mile, but by the smallest of margins—by a hair.”

The release included a statement from John Mang, Gillette global vice president at the brand’s corporate parent, Procter & Gamble.

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“The new campaign commemorates the precise details that help men to reach their best no matter what that moment is,” Mang said. “In life and in shaving, a millimeter makes all the difference. That’s why we have spent the last 110 years refining and engineering down to the microscopic razor’s edge to give men the advantage of precision.”