Budweiser wins Brand Bowl Readers’ Choice award

Boston.com readers voted, and they love puppies, Clydesdales, and American soldiers.

And that means Budweiser is the winner of the first-ever Readers’ Choice contest for Brand Bowl.

Voting for Brand Bowl ended with the completion of the Super Bowl, but readers were allowed to weigh in on their favorite commercials through Wednesday.

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The results affirmed the Brand Bowl outcome, which crowned Budweiser as its overall winner.

Nearly 800 votes were cast by readers who could vote on commercials from 48 advertisers who presented ads during the Super Bowl. Budweiser got 80 votes.

Budweiser aired two commercials during the Super Bowl: “Puppy Love,” about the relationship between a puppy and a Clydesdale, and “A Hero’s Welcome,” which told the story of a surprise homecoming for a soldier returning to Winter Park, Fla.

RadioShack came in second in the eyes of readers with 73 votes. The struggling electronics company acknowledged it’s behind the times with a parade of personalities from the 1980s, including gymnast Mary Lou Retton and Cliff Clavin from “Cheers.”

Third place went to T-Mobile, who aired three commercials during the Super Bowl. Two of the commercials featured Tim Tebow, who turned his NFL failure into an advertiser’s dream with the mobile company’s “no contract” campaign.

“Everybody thinks I want a contract,” Tebow said in the commercial before displaying all the things he’s done without one, including rescue puppies from an inferno and participate in a rodeo.

T-Mobile got 71 votes overall.