New Comcast feature allows some subscribers to watch pre-recorded shows on the go

Comcast said it is rolling out a new feature that will enable local premium subscribers of its Xfinity cable TV service to access their home DVRs so they can watch pre-recorded shows on their iPads.

According to Comcast, it has “layered on new technology to harness the cloud experience” so that premium subscribers can enjoy “more robust” viewing and “download recorded content to take on-the-go.”

For the moment, the feature works only for Xfinity X1 DVR subscribers with Apple Inc. devices such as an iPad or an iPhone. Comcast plans to bring this cloud technology feature to additional platforms such as Android in the future.

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Most of Comcast’s 1.6 million Xfinity customers in New Hampshire and Eastern Massachusetts have four basic options when it comes to set-up boxes. There is a basic box. And there are also three kind of boxes equipped with DVR’s. The premium service is called X1 DVR, and it can typically cost $19.95 more a month than the basic Xfinity package.

Currently, X1 DVR customers can store about 500 gigabytes worth of video content on their cable/DVR box.

As a result of the new cloud technology, up to 10 shows that have been recorded on the DVR can be set aside for remote viewing. Those subscribers will be “able to ‘check-out’ DVR recordings by downloading them directly to a mobile device while in the home to take on-the-go to watch anytime,” Comcast said.

“Our goal is to provide customers with the best television experience on every device, when and where they want it,” Matt Strauss, a Comcast senior vice president, said in a statement. “The cloud-based infrastructure of the X1 platform allows us to deliver on that promise, and give customers a more personalized viewing experience.

The Cloud DVR rollout is starting in the Greater Boston area first and then will expand to other Comcast markets.