Forget Valentine’s Day roses. A surprise paint job is the way to please your sweetie

In the bright lexicon of marriage, few phrases make a husband more uneasy than “window treatments.” A man hears that, and it usually means a forced march to a Home Depot followed by some serious heavy lifting involving drapes and venetian blinds.

This image was included with the Paint Quality Institute’s press release.

But tweaking a love-nest’s feng shui does not dismay the thoughtful Romeo. Such a sensitive chap is always on the lookout for original Valentine’s Day gifts. Not for him the $50 box of chocolates or a vase full of ho-hum nosegays. For this special breed, the ideal Valentine’s Day gift may be treating a sweetheart a surprise interior paint job --- or so suggests the Paint Quality Institute.

“One way to break the boring habit of giving a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day is to give your loved one something totally unexpected—like a beautiful new interior paint job,” the institute said in a press release.  

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The release goes on: “Assuming that you’re game for this gambit, you can proceed in one of two ways:  either paint the room and surprise your partner; or involve him or her in the color selection process.  Clearly, unveiling an already-completed room has more cachet, but jointly choosing the colors can itself be romantic.”

Yes, nothing like a pleasant chin-wag discussing the merits of taupe versus putty. (”I don’t know about you, darling, but I prefer my neutrals to have a bit of attitude.”)

The institute does not have much to say about the ongoing debate of taupe versus putty, but it does recommend that whatever color is chosen it should be a 100 percent acrylic paint.

One way to proclaim your love is “by creating a clever Valentine’s card using the printed samples of paint colors on display at your local paint store,” the institute’s release says.  ”Incorporate one or more of these color chips (for multicolor paint schemes) into a store-bought Valentine’s card or express your feelings in a homemade card fashioned entirely from large-size paint chips.”

If all this sounds to be way more work than simply buying a box of chocolates, rest easy. Advances in paint technology means that redecorating the interior of your home isn’t as arduous as it once was, the institute claims.

“By using one of the revolutionary new ‘paint and primer’ products, you’ll simplify and speed up your Valentine’s project – which may further impress your partner,” the institute says.

And after all, the institute adds, “Doing the painting itself should, of course, be a labor of love.”