Samuel Adams rolls out a spring beer called Cold Snap

Samuel Adams prides itself on being a brewer for all seasons. So the Boston-based company is already rolling out a new spring beer even as locals are still coping with leftover snow drifts and an impending Arctic weather front that promises to deep-freeze their parkas and mukluks.

Photo taken from company website.

Fittingly perhaps, the new offering is called Samuel Adams Cold Snap, and it is specifically designed to ease “spring’s transition away from the hearty brews of winter to the bright, lighter-bodied beers of summer,” according to a press release from Boston Beer Co., the brewer perhaps best known for its Samuel Adams line of products.

The release notes that Samuel Adams Cold Snap is the company’s take on a Belgian-style white ale made with crisp golden wheat and a blend of 10 different fruits, flowers, and spices.

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The release also includes comments from company founder Jim Koch, who suggests that of all the seasons, spring poses one of the sternest tests of the brew-meister’s art.

“As brewers, we’re like chefs, inspired by the weather and the seasonality of ingredients and flavors,” Koch said. “I’ve always said that spring is one of the most challenging seasons to brew for. It’s a tweener—we’re waiting for winter to be over and longing for summer to arrive. For us, Cold Snap captures this sentiment with its crisp wheat and vibrant fruits, flowers and spices, yielding flavors ranging from the subtle sweetness of orange peel and plum to the distinct, peppery bite of fresh ground coriander.’’