Tribe re-imagines hummus for the holidays

Photo taken from the Tribe website.
Photo taken from the Tribe website.

Tribe, the Taunton company that seems to be taking a craft beer approach to hummus, says it has a new festive chickpea recipe that transforms its signature product into perfect holiday fare.

Craft beer companies are known for their seasonal ales, and now Tribe is gearing up to market a “Limited Batch” flavor it calls Cocktail Time Hummus.

Cocktail Time Hummus, Tribe’s press release says, is “the second flavor in Tribe’s Limited Batch Series, the category’s first-ever rotating line of hummus.”

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To showcase this new flavor, holiday hosts are encouraged to dish up Cocktail Time Hummus in martini glasses. Serving hummus in a martini glass, Tribe says, is sure to “impress all your guests.”

(Maybe, maybe not. In some low-rent circles, guests still prefer to be impressed by having their martini glasses awash with vodka or raw gin. But, admittedly, this uncouth demographic may be sadly immune to the glories of chickpea cuisine.)

Be that as it may, Tribe president Adam Carr believes that Cocktail Time Hummus will earn culinary kudos from holiday revelers. And unlike fruit cake and eggnog, he suggests, healthful hummus blends alchemized from the noble chickpea will not bulk up the party guest with unwanted avoirdupois.

“Our expert matchmakers mixed 1 part horseradish and 5 parts chickpeas to create the perfect blend for our new Limited Batch flavor, discovering that these two ingredients truly do love to mingle” Carr said in a statement. “Now our fans can enjoy happy hour any hour with friends, family, or even by themselves – guilt free.”

Tribe’s Cocktail Time Hummus has just started hitting store shelves and will be available through the spring in 8-ounce bowls with a suggested retail price of $3.49, Tribe said.