The ice cream ‘turkey cake’ makes its return to Baskin-Robbins

Photo provided by Baskin-Robbins.
Photo provided by Baskin-Robbins.

Some ancient cultures used sun dials and stone monoliths to chart the change of seasons, but there’s no need for ice cream lovers to scan the skies or consult celestial maps --- they can simply look at the Baskin-Robbins menu to know what time of year it is.

A case in point: The ice cream Turkey Cake has resurfaced on the Baskin-Robbins’ seasonal menu, an early alert that Thanksgiving is drawing night.

As for the Canton-based chain’s ice cream flavor of the month, it’s that holiday harbinger Gingerbread Junction.

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According to Baskin-Robbins, the Turkey Cake is “glazed” with Caramel Praline Topping; it is also is decorated with sugar cone legs, and it can be customized with a favorite ice cream flavor.  

But if Turkey Cake is too over the top for Thanksgiving traditionalists, there’s also Turtle Pie, which is described as “a creative twist on a classic holiday dessert.” Turtle pie “features a chocolate pie crust filled with Pralines ‘n Cream ice cream, adorned with a Caramel Praline Topping and pecans,” Baskin-Robbins said.

As for Gingerbread Junction, it’s a “nostalgic concoction” that combines gingerbread and vanilla ice cream with a cinnamon caramel ribbon. The flavor is designed to evoke the taste of “a freshly-baked gingerbread cookie dunked in a cold glass of milk,” Baskin-Robbins said.

Gingerbread Junction can be enjoyed in milkshake form, and there is also a Gingerbread Junction option with a Whoopie Pie leitmotif.

 A sister chain of Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins has 7,100 retail shops in nearly 50 countries. In 2012, Baskin-Robbins franchisees reported system-wide sales of $1.9 billion. The company claims to have recipes for more than 1,000 flavors in its ice cream archives.