Fidelity Biosciences helps launch company focused on gene therapy products

Fidelity Biosciences, a venture capital firm that is a subsidiary of the parent company of Fidelity Investments, and REGENX Biosciences announced the formation of Dimension Therapeutics, a Cambridge-based gene therapy company focused on developing novel treatments for rare diseases such as hemophilia.

Dimension has completed an undisclosed Series A financing led by Fidelity Biosciences.

In conjunction with its launch, Dimension has entered into an exclusive license and collaboration with REGENX. Through that arrangement, Dimension has acquired preferred access to NAV vector technology and rights in REGENX product programs in multiple rare disease indications.

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“Gene therapy is a fundamental method of disease intervention, changing a patient’s genetic code to treat genetic disease, and in some cases providing a potential lifelong benefit following a single treatment,” Thomas R. Beck, MD, executive partner at Fidelity Biosciences and interim chief executive of Dimension Therapeutics, said in a statement. “A core challenge for gene therapy has been the development of safe, efficient ‘vectors’ to enable delivery of the replacement gene to the correct cells and tissues of the patient to yield benefit. We believe REGENX NAV vectors are the most promising approach for in vivo gene therapy and represent the potential for transformative therapy for patients.”