Tufts Health Plan launches new ads with the theme of ‘Simple’

Tufts Health Plan, the third largest health insurer in Massachusetts, said Tuesday that it has launched a new advertising campaign that seeks to speak directly to consumers about the health care industry.

The theme of the campaign is “Simple,” and it was conceptualized and produced by Connelly Partners, a Boston ad agency that also offers integrated marketing services. New Tufts Health Plan ads show images of people walking near a lake or on a city sidewalk. The ads feature lines such as “Simple makes us all feel better” and “Simple takes the time to do things right.”

The theme of a previous campaign from Tufts Health Plan was “Truisms.” That campaign focused on making Tufts Health Plan more likeable through humorous vignettes.

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The “Simple” campaign, in contrast, acknowledges the changes taking place in the industry and the public’s desire for less complication.

Referring to the new campaign in a statement, Tufts Health Plan director of marketing Jennifer Butler said: “It’s aspirational. It’s a tonal shift, done in an empathetic and honest fashion about what’s going on in the industry.”