A file photo of the upper half of a Strawberry Margarita. Russ Mezikofsky.
A file photo of the upper half of a Strawberry Margarita. Russ Mezikofsky.

Local temperatures are predicted to exceed 80 degrees Wednesday, and the hot weather may be an excuse to down one last Margarita.

The Margarita, a cocktail that attempts to half civilize tequila, emerged as the most popular “adult-beverage concoction” of the summer, according to Restaurant Sciences LLC, a Newton-based firm that tracks and analyzes sales data for restaurant and food-service clients.

One reason for the Margarita’s rise to prominence is its “versatility,” Restaurant Sciences president and chief executive Chuck Ellis suggested in a press release.

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The Margarita, seemingly, is the tofu of the bar rail. In the skilled hands of a chef or a bartender, both tofu and Margaritas can be alchemized into delivery platforms for a wide variety of exotic flavors. A cucumber Margarita, anyone?

For its summer survey, Restaurant Sciences said that it analyzed more than 50 million cocktail and spirits purchases at bars, restaurants, nightclubs, sports venues, and recreation/leisure facilities. After sorting through all this data, the firm concluded that the Margarita had 20.5 percent market share. The next most popular choice was an iced tea laced with a spirit. The martini, in contrast, had a 6.9 percent market share, the mojito a 2.8 percent share. The pina colada? MIA. (The pina colada is as old hat, apparently, as a 40-pound desktop computer or a pop star with fewer than six tattoos.)

Restaurant Sciences does not have apples-to-apples comparison numbers for the summer of 2012, but the firm noted that the Margarita category is proliferating. A year ago, the firm counted 33 varieties of Margaritas. Now there are 37.

Fans of adult-beverage concoctions can now order such exotic choices as Pumpkin Margaritas, Pomegranate Margaritas, and Italian Margaritas. And for those in need of blotto overkill, there are also Gin and Rum Margaritas.

 ”Margaritas were the clear cut adult beverage concoction winner throughout the 2013 summer season,” firm CEO Ellis said in a statement. “Margaritas’ versatility and extensive flavor variety held more appeal for consumers over multi-spirit iced teas and martinis.”