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How to build games and master the mobile apps economy

Posted by Michael Warshaw April 9, 2013 11:47 AM

By Jamie Saine, marketing writer, uTest

The stock market is (supposed to be) a window into the economy. Companies doing well in the stock market are likely pleasing consumers and are in high demand. Examine which stocks are performers, and you should be able to get a sense of who’s doing well and where consumer demand and confidence is high. Are major retailers doing poorly? It may be a bad time to open a big store. Is a new industry booming? Get in while the getting is good. Is an industry dominated by one company? If you’re brave enough, find a niche and try to lure away its customers.

The same goes for the mobile app economy. Would you still produce a new digital game if you knew users were losing interest in that style of play? A smart bet would be no.


Version therapy: Iteration in video game development

Posted by Timothy Loew April 4, 2013 09:05 AM

By Seth Sivak, CEO, Proletariat Inc.

How do you build a game?

I say, you do it one version at a time.

At Proletariat Inc., a Cambridge-based development studio, every game begins with a prototype. With Letter Rush, the team was brainstorming ideas and started talking about doing something with words that would have a fast-paced, arcade feel. We wanted to develop a new, short-session game that could give players a quick and satisfying burst of fun.

It’s hard to create. Every author, poet, artist, and even video game developer knows that. You don’t know what you’ll get when you’re done. You don’t know whether you can truly realize your vision – or whether your audience will have the experience you intend.


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