Boston, Cambridge rule new tech jobs

Cambridge and Boston beat out the burbs

When it comes to tech jobs in Massachusetts, the city is in and the suburbs are decidedly out.

New data compiled by the recruitment firm WinterWyman found that 63 percent of the area’s tech jobs filled last year were in Boston and Cambridge. Meanwhile, the jobs in the old tech centers of Burlington, Lexington, and Waltham accounted for just 13 percent of new hires.

“This is a massive change from the market I saw in the late 90’s where those three towns would have accounted for the majority of the jobs we saw,” wrote Ben Hicks, who heads up the technology recruitment for WinterWyman in New England, in a blog post.

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The takeaway for job seekers, as well as employers looking for talent, is to look to the city, said Hicks. “The concentration of small, growing tech companies is clearly along the Boston waterfront, and to a lesser degree, in Kendall Square,” he said. “For technology companies looking to grow, you should seriously consider the Boston waterfront.”

But whether its Boston, Cambridge, or Burlington, there’s something of a war going on for technology talent. The tech career website said that Boston is the fourth toughest market for hiring in key sectors, namely defense, financial services, and consulting. The site has an average 2,700 tech openings in Boston listed on its site daily.