Eying expansion and education, Central Square makerspace danger!awesome takes to Kickstarter

The quirky makerspace danger!awesome, which started with a lot of laser-etched toast, is now looking to quadruple in size, offering new tools and more community education.

The move to a new location will be funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $35,000, which will be used to renovate the new space (located at 645 Massachusetts Ave., just around the corner from the current location).

danger!awesome’s co-founders explain what their vision is for the expanded offerings:

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Nadeem Mazen, co-founder of the company and a Cambridge city councillor, said that the space taps into not just a rising interest in the maker movement, but also parents interested in experiential learning opportunities.

“This is accessible, this is in your neighborhood, and you can do it after a five minute discussion,” he said. “It unifies art, science, math, and engineering.”

Also, breakfast: The studio originally got its start after MIT grad students Mazen and Ali Mohammad pitched the idea of a music video animated on 2,430 slices of toast to OK Go. The band paid for the video by buying them the three $30,000 lasers used to make the toast.

Now, supporters can receive a slice (or three) of history when they back the project, with a time-stamped, framed piece as the reward at the $40 level. If you’re preparing for a toast of a different type, the Kickstarter is also offering up laser-cut wedding packages, including invitations and champagne glasses.