Boston’s booze delivery service Drizly raises $2.25 million

Drizly, maker of a mobile app that delivers alcohol to your doorstep, has a new reason to toast after closing a $2.25 million seed round Wednesday.

The Boston startup already offers its service here in the Hub, and in New York City, but the investment led by Atlas Ventures will help it expand to new locations.

Drizly is the brainchild of three Boston College grads who figured people would pay a smidge extra (five bucks) for the convenience of having the local liquor store deliver their orders in an hour or less. Stores who partner with Drizly like the idea, too, because people tend to buy more — three times more — when they don’t have to lug their own libations.

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“Drizly is the for alcohol,” chief executive Nick Rellas said in a statement. “The liquor store experience hasn’t evolved since Prohibition ended in 1933. A tiny fraction of $83 billion in liquor store revenue comes from deliveries. That’s because liquor delivery has been terribly inconvenient for the consumer and a hassle for the stores. Now, Drizly gives consumers the convenience of getting alcohol delivered quickly and responsibly.”

The “responsibly” part comes in the form of age verification upon delivery. Our Scott Kirsner wrote more about how this works when he covered Drizly’s launch over the summer.