Colorado brewery crafts ‘Brett on the Broncos’ beer ahead of AFC Championship showdown with Patriots

A beer called “Brett on the Broncos” will be on tap at a Colorado brew pub.
A beer called “Brett on the Broncos” will be on tap at a Colorado brew pub.

A Colorado brew pub has crafted a new beer called “Brett on the Broncos” and is billing it as too strong to be paired with New England clam chowder or Boston baked beans in a fermented show of smack talk ahead of Sunday’s AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Broncos.

The West Flanders Brewing Company in Boulder will debut the beer during its happy hour Thursday. It’s the latest installment in a weekly single-keg series introduced by craft brewing consultant Marty Jones, who is known for unusual beers, including one made with bull testicles. The “Brett” in the beer name is a take on the yeast used to make it--Brettanomyces

West Flanders says “Brett on the Broncos” is inspired by the team’s record-setting offense and describes it as “a winning, gloriously golden wonder deep with unstoppable flavors.”

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Too bad Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning declared his preference for Bud Light after last week’s playoff win over the San Diego Chargers.

“His comment gave all of us in the Colorado craft beer world the chills,” Jones said. “The guy has been here for two years, and he clearly has not fully acclimated to the culture.”

Patriots fans delight in pointing out that Manning, with a 10-11 record in the postseason, has not fully acclimated to the playoffs, either.

In a display of mock hospitality, Jones said West Flanders would offer complimentary drinks to Patriots players who visit the brew pub between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Sunday — the three-hour window when the game will be played.

Meanwhile, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, wife of Pats quarterback Tom Brady, can stop in for a free drink any time, Jones added.