SmartCloud secures $3m investment from Rockwell Automation

Image taken from SmartCloud’s website.
Image taken from SmartCloud’s website.

SmartCloud Inc., a Bedford company that specializes in artificial intelligence software for industrial applications, said Thursday that it has received a $3 million strategic investment from Rockwell Automation Inc.

SmartCloud’s press release included a statement from Kim Mayyasi, who said: “We are pleased to work with Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information. They will help reinforce our market position and mission to become a leading provider of real-time xStream reasoning solutions for mission critical environments and the Industrial Internet of Things.”

According to SmartCloud, its “Big Reasoning” platform is the next generation of Big Data technology. The Big Reasoning platform uses artificial intelligence to control complex actions in real time. 

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In a separate statement, Gary Pearsons, Rockwell Automation’s vice president of customer support and maintenance, said, “As remote monitoring of intelligent motor controls and other Internet-connected devices grows in demand, we believe that SmartCloud’s technology and expertise will help us analyze data more efficiently to support real-time decision making using predictive analytics.”