Can Safe-T-Stone find a market for a better way to sharpen skates?

With winter coming, Safe-T-Stone has a cool idea: A safer, cheaper way to keep your ice skates in tip-top shape. But will investors warm up to business when even the founder admits is a “small business” on the side?

The Entrepreneur: Mike McDougall, founder of Safe-T-Stone

The Host: Scott Kirsner, Globe Columnist and Innovation Economy blogger.

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The Griller: Andy Palmer of Koa Labs.

The Verdict:

This is where you come in. A panel of judges will ultimately pick a winner of this season’s Entrepreneurs Grill, crowning them at an end-of-season party. The twist is that you, the audience, are one of the judges, helping separate the best from the rest. So render today’s verdict: Safe-T-Stone a cool asset or just skating on thin ice?