European regulators OK Thermo Fisher Scientific’s deal to buy Life Technologies

Reuters file photo.
Reuters file photo.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., a Waltham-based company that provides labs with medical instruments and technology, said Tuesday that it has received approval from the European Commission for its pending $13.6 billion acquisition of Life Technologies Corp.

In April, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the deal to buy Life Technologies, a California-based diagnostics firm.

To expedite the approval, Thermo Fisher said Tuesday that it has committed to divest its cell culture, gene modulation, and magnetic beads businesses. Combined, these businesses had 2012 revenue of about $225 million. (The company has annual revenue of about $13 billion.)

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In its press release, Thermo Fisher Scientific said the transaction still needs additional regulatory approvals, including one from the US Federal Trade Commission.

“Based on its discussions with the FTC, Thermo Fisher does not believe any additional divestures will be required in order to receive US approval,” the release said.

The company added that it still expects the transaction to close in early 2014.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has 39,000 employees.