Infinio, MassTLC’s ‘start-up to watch,’ launches debut software for network storage performance

If your business network is a bit sluggish, today could be your lucky day. Cambridge start-up Infinio is launching the Infinio Accelerator, a software program designed to speed things up by improving storage performance.

Every company likes to say its product launch has been eagerly anticipated, but it’s fair to say this one has. Infinio was recognized in September as this year’s “start-up to watch” at the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council awards.

Now, prospective clients can stop watching and start using.

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“While we’re very proud that this product has already won awards, the most important thing is how well it works for real-world customers,” said Infinio chief executive Arun Agarwal.

Infinio Accelerator tackles a common problem for businesses: Their networks slow down as their storage space fills up. The solution is often to buy another server.

When I met Agarwal in August, he explained that in many cases additional storage space is actually unnecessary. The trick is to make a business network’s existing storage system run more efficiently.

That’s what Infinio Accelerator aims to do. At $499, the software could be a cheaper alternative to buying more hardware.

For the curious, Infinio is hosting a live product demonstration and question-and-answer session at 3 p.m. today.