Beacon Power begins commercial operations at its flywheel energy storage facility in Penn.

Beacon Power LLC, a Tyngsborough-based manufacturer of large flywheel energy storage systems, said it has begun commercial operation of its latest flywheel energy storage facility.

The new facility is located in Hazle Township, Penn.

In a statement, company president and chief executive Barry Brits said: ‘‘The start of commercial operation at our Hazle facility is another major milestone for Beacon Power. We have an outstanding project team that has once again demonstrated its ability to deliver on time and within budget. This project has also been strongly supported and made possible by the US Department of Energy, state, and local officials, and the work of Pennsylvania subcontractors, for which we are very grateful.’’

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During construction, 30 jobs have been generated on the site, and all materials for Beacon’s flywheels were fabricated in the US, the company said.

According to a 2008 story in The Globe, Beacon Power makes massive rotating flywheels that store energy. The company’s president at the time likened the system to “a box of energy.” The idea is to fill it up when energy demand is low, by using electric motors to spin the flywheels. Then the whirling wheels are connected to generators to release the energy when it’s needed.

Beacon Power has experienced some turbulence. A couple of years ago, it was one of several companies to file for bankruptcy protection after receiving stimulus or large loan packages from the federal government.

Early in 2012, Beacon agreed to sell its then only plant in Stephentown, N.Y., to Rockland Capital, a private investment firm focused on the energy industry.

On Beacon’s website, it says that Rockland acquired the assets and certain agreements of Beacon Power Corp. and placed them in a new privately-owned company named Beacon Power LLC. Rockland continues to pursue the development and commercialization of Beacon’s flywheel technology.