Fidelity Investments launches Google Glass test for investors

 Fidelity Investments, the Boston-based financial services company, said its R&D lab has begun to take a closer look at how Fidelity can use wearable technology such as Google Glass to help investors.

According to Fidelity, this is similar to the testing it did years ago with mobile technology and social media.

In a press release, Fidelity Labs, a part of the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, launched a preview of the Fidelity Market Monitor for Glass, the first investing Glassware widely available for Google Glass. 

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“Glass is a tiny computer packed into a lightweight frame that rests just above the eyes,” the company said. “Glass and the Glassware that runs on it make exploring and accessing information on-the-go faster and easier. Glass also enables a range of voice-enabled, hands-free online computing activities. Fidelity is participating in Google’s developer program, which gives select companies and individuals early access to Glass.”

As part of this effort, Fidelity also produced a video that can be viewed below.