Apperian scores New Balance for its software mobilization suite

Boston startup Apperian is set to announce Wednesday that it is partnering with New Balance to help the shoe maker manage a suite of mobile applications on the iPads its sales team totes to meetings around the world.

Apperian’s EASE platform enables companies to pick the business apps they want employees to use, ensuring consistency, and to keep centralized data pools to which they can offer varying levels of access to their staffs.

“Think of us as a branded enterprise app store for companies to securely deploy private content out to their employees, specifically around mobile,” said Apperian chief executive David Patrick.

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For New Balance, Apperian created a custom library of mobile apps that the company believes will prove useful to sales representatives in the field. Many sales reps already use mobile apps during sales calls, of course, but Patrick said Apperian helped New Balance identify best practices that will improve upon the previous, figure-it-out-on-your-own system.

“You’ll have the rep with an iPad, and as they sit with the customer they can have access to specific apps that help them work with the customer, access company data, customer history and product information,” Patrick said.

New Balance is the latest big-name addition to Apperian’s client roll, which already includes such household names as Cisco and the Boston Celtics.