Somerville’s Greentown Labs launches Indiegogo campaign to get greener faster

Somerville’s Greentown Labs keeps growing and growing – a good sign for the area’s innovation companies and the future of clean technology — but now it needs your help.

To meet the demands of their waiting list for their new Somerville facility, the incubator began an $30,000 Indiegogo campaign for build-out costs. They are already a quarter of the way to their fundraising goal.

Greentown Labs July 18, 2013 from Svetlana Vakhutinsky on Vimeo.

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Greentown Labs, one of the largest private incubators for energy-related start-ups, is expected to open the new space in mid-August. The incubator is reversing the trend and leaving the Innovation District to settle in the former Ames Safety Envelope plant between Union Square and Harvard Square. With the additional space, Greentown Labs can accommodate 10 more start-ups.