Where are Boston’s biggest twits? Twitter shares map of Tweets around town


Even as Twitter eyes local talent, locals can now eye where the hot spots are for the service’s short, social messages: The company released a map of every geocoded Tweet in the Boston area, including a number of maritime missives and a distressing number of notes from I-95. Let’s hope those were thanks to Siri or back-seat typists.

The photo, posted to Twitter’s Flickr account, is entitled simply “Visualization: Boston.”

“This image uses all of the geo-tagged Tweets since 2009 — billions of them,” the caption states. “Every dot is a Tweet, and the color is the Tweet count.”

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Visualization: Boston

What do you think: Is there any message to be gleaned from those billions of mapped Tweets, or is it just sound and fury, signifying nothing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on — what else — Twitter at @HiveBoston and @Morisy.

Hat tip to Universal Hub and Andrew Abbott.