Know a good geek? Hubspot offers $30k bounty — for referrals

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While many still look for work, good technical talent is still hard for many companies to recruit. Hubspot, a fast-growing Cambridge start-up with an eye on an IPO, has announced that it is upping its referral bonus to an incredible $30,000.

The deal comes with the usual catches:

— You have to be the first person to formally file the referral.

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— They have to hold the job for 120 days.

— Deadline runs until July 31.

But overall, that is pretty par for the course when it comes to employee referrral programs, and it is a pretty hefty reward for those willing to drop a dime with a tip of a top coder looking for a new adventure, and if it saves them from having to use a few tech recruiters, the scheme might even save them money while building some buzz.

The jobs even come with the promise of “Pre IPO stock,”, though given the size and investment of the company, I wouldn’t recommend taking too big a dip in salary for that particular perk.

What do you think? Is $30,000 just for the lucky referrer the cost of getting talent these days, or is there a better way to recruit than bribing people’s friends/colleagues/liberal arts siblings?

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