Arbella Insurance offers discounted anti-texting tech to Massachusetts drivers


Can’t stop yourself from shooting a quick text while swerving down the freeway — or know a young driver who can’t? The Arbella Insurance Foundation is offering discounts on hardware and software that cuts access while driving.

The tool, Cellcontrol, plugs a small device into a car’s diagnostic port and then manages access while the car is moving. Here’s a promotional video the company put out on how the technology works:

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With the discount, the device and a year of service is $25 — the normal retail cost is $125. Discount codes are available from Arbella agents and the company stated that 700 discounted packages were being made available.

iFans, however, will have to find another way to bolster their self restraint: Cellcontrol does not currently work with iPhones, given the popular Apple devices’ development constraints.

The announcement was made as part of today’s Massachusetts Teen Distracted Driving Leadership Summit, held at the Massachusetts State House.