Mariwear looks for Kickstarter support to launch line of women’s lounge/sleepwear

The versatile women’s clothingwear company Mariwear is working to beat the buzzer as it tries to raise money through Kickstarter for its clothing that can be worn day and night.

Founder Melanie Bertani Berger and her team pitched the clothing line, which comes with built-in support, at the Hive-hosted Mass Innovation Nights in December.

So far, the Mariwear campaign has raised $11,095, just shy of its $12,000 goal. With Kickstarter, projects that do not meet the goal get nothing. Those that exceed their goals(like the wildly successful 3Doodler) can use the proceeds to help fuel a growing business, although often facing heightened demands and expectations from eager backers.

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Here’s the Mariwear Kickstarter video, and check out the project page for more information: