How healthy are the iOS and Android app ecosystems? uTest offers a “stock index” to keep track

On the heel of launching Applause to tell developers what users hate and love about their apps, uTest has launched a new “Dow Jones for the App Economy.” Check out whether iOS and Android are growing in user love today.

In a blog post announcing the new index, uTest’s Matt Johnston wrote:

“Similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Applause Index provides a daily look at how users feel about the bellwether iOS and Android apps and assigns a weighted, cumulative score. ... The Applause Index is calculated based upon the Applause Score of 60 iOS and 60 Android apps that meet rigorous selection criteria. It then applies a weighted formula to produce a daily cumulative score across these bellwethers. The result is a top-down look at the overall sentiment of users about the apps economy; across categories; across app stores; and over time.”

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Check out the Applause Index here.