Live Chat: How to find the VIPs who will make or break your start-up, with Johnny Monsarrat

Growing a start-up through incremental growth can be almost as bad as failure. But how do you rope in high-profile users to seek you out and help you succeed? Johnny Monsarrat, whose first company sold for $160 million, shares the secret to pulling in the marquee individuals who can supercharge your start-up.

Join the Hive and Monsarrat live on Tuesday, March 5, at 1 p.m. and send him the questions that have stumped you in your quest to build a business and rope in the right people.

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Johnny Monsarrat is an MIT alumnus (BA, MBA) and was founder and chief executive of Turbine, Inc., which pioneered online video games like Lord of the Rings Online and was acquired by Warner Brothers. Now his new company, Hard Data Factory, is building the world’s largest arts calendar. He is an award-winning public speaker and runs a top Boston events blog, Events INSIDER. He invites you to join him on LinkedIn and Twitter.