3Doodler raising millions by letting you sketch into space


A new Somerville-based Kickstarter project has raised almost $2 million by promising backers the ability to draw 3D objects and crafts, mixing 3D printing technology with a handheld “pen.”

I actually happened to see one of the first 3Doodler prototypes Tuesday night at a book reading, and had no idea what I was actually looking at. The device is pretty neat, and its mix of instant accessibility and seemingly endless possibility makes it very appealing:

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As of now, the 3Doodler project has almost 22,000 backers and has raised $1,946,998 with 24 days still to go, an amazing surge. Backers who donate $75 or more can get one of the devices.

One of my favorite parts of the story is how the project was born in one of the area’s true “hackerspaces,” in this case Somerville’s Artisan’s Asylum near Union Square.

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