With Nuance and iRobot, Massachusetts primed to build a RoboDoc

Take two aspirin and call Siri in the morning.

A combination of technology advancements and a need for savings might push more robots, artificial assistants, and other high technology from the smartphone into the doctor’s office, and the Bay State is poised to be the seat of the revolution.

Today, Chris Reidy reports on a survey from Burlington-based Nuance that found 80 percent of doctors believe voice-powered virtual assistants will “drastically change how physicians interact and use electronic health records.”

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Nuance has been ramping up its own voice efforts after helping power Apple’s Siri technology.

The survey results shouldn’t be too surprising: Hospitals have been experimenting with robotics and other automation and assistance technology for years. Remote surgeries are now relatively common, and Children’s Hospital Boston was using robots two years ago to cut down on visits for some patients.

Bedford-based iRobot, one of the leading robot manufacturers in the country, announced last summer that health care was one of its primary growth areas, particularly as the company’s military sales were scaled back (iRobot’s military units primarily disarmed weapons and were not used for offensive purposes).

With other area start-ups focusing on improving the dexterity of robotics fingers , it’s not too far-fetched to imagine a future where it’s a robot that asks you to turn your head and cough.

It might translate into a number of new jobs for the area, coming very soon: Scott Kirsner broke the news this morning that Nuance is opening a new R&D lab in Central Square.

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