Timbre’s concert-finding beat goes international with $360k investment from Atlas Venture, Boston Seed Capital, Bantam Group


Timbre, an Intrepid Pursuits spinout that helps users quickly browse and find local music acts, has used recent funding to expand coverage overseas by adding 22 new languages and 36 countries. Atlas Venture, Boston Seed Capital, and Bantam Group participating in the $360,000 funding round.

Mark Kasdorf, chief executive of both Timbre and Intrepid Pursuits, said the former was effectively spun out from the latter two weeks after launch and received the funding 6 weeks after that.

“Timbre effectively became a client of Intrepid,” he told me, saying that the company’s resources will still shared, with Timbre having three to four full-time employees focused on it full-time and growing the app taking up about half Kasdorf’s time.

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And growth is the key word.

“We’re totally focused on user acquisition,” Kasdorf told me. “The app is 100 percent about expanding the reach and finding a great user experience.”

He said right now, about 80,000 people had used the “Get Tickets” feature, which he said was planned to drive the bulk of the revenue once the app starts monetizing.

A smooth user experience was what raised eyebrows when Intrepid first launched: It couples Jambase (and now other, international sources) concert listings and short song previews to let users take an intuitive audio stroll through upcoming concerts near them.

With today’s update, the app now also has the ability to feature acts by event, too. Right now, for example, users can quickly browse, sample, and purchase Grammy-nominated music.

Read more about Timbre’s launch in a piece by Scott Kirsner and myself from September.