On the heels of Vine, Cambridge start-up Vivoom wants to help filter Instagrams for video


With roots inside video guru GenArts, Inc., Vivoom plans to offer artsy video filters for the mobile and social masses.

Not a social network itself, Vivoom instead will partner with existing video providers and hosts to help make user content more interesting with a variety of filters and suggestions: Maybe that sparkling champagne glass would perfectly capture your evening’s je ne sais quoi after a dollop of sepia, or maybe your turbocharged tot would look better with a ghosting effect following his trail.

According to Kyle Alspach at BBJ, Vivoom is hoping for headway in a crowded market: 20 or so start-ups are already in the space, with a new one popping up almost every minute (Twitter just bought up and launched Vine), but a Vivoom representative said the company, wholly owned by GenArts but with 13 dedicated staff members, has already inked a partnership with a major video content provider that would be unveiled in the coming month.

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