US Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s husband attacks Swartz family on Twitter

From a Twitter account that has since been deleted, Thomas Dolan, the husband of U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, reportedly attacked the Swartz family and others who characterized his wife’s prosecution as excessive.

The Twitter stream was still accessible via Google Cache, as well as at various news outlets that reported on his statements, but its ownership by Dolan was not independently confirmed.

“Truly incredible that in their own son’s obit they blame others for his death and make no mention of the 6-month offer,” the account posted, in response to a tweet from Mitch Kapor.

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The account also tweeted that allegations that Swartz faced a longer prison term “than murderers, slave dealers and bank robbers” was “completely false.”

“Aaron Swartz was offered a plea deal of 6 months,” said one message. “6 months is not 35 years.”

Following the death of Swartz on Friday, the prosecutors involved in his case have declined to speak citing the family’s privacy at this time. Ortiz has been the subject of a White House petition requesting her removal.