Zipcar’s email to Zipsters about Avis acquisition

Scott Griffith, chief executive of Zipcar, sent the following email to Zipcar customers, known as Zipsters (Read previous Hive coverage of the Avis acquisition):

Zipcar is ringing in the year with a bang! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve entered into an agreement to be acquired by Avis Budget Group.

We’ll skip the legal mumbo-jumbo and get right to the point, since we assume that what you really want to know is what this means for you.

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Simply put, this is a major win for Zipsters around the world. With the global footprint, backing, and talented leadership of Avis, we’re going to step on the gas. We believe that you’ll see more Zipcars in more locations (especially during times of peak demand!); that you’ll see new service offerings that make Zipcar more flexible and fun for you; and that you’ll continue to experience the most advanced and sophisticated technology to keep you zipping along your merry way.

Some things won’t change at all—from the Zipcar team in your local office to the great brand, to our relentless enthusiasm for making the user experience the best it can be.

You can read more about the news in the press release but we wanted to tell you personally (ok, it’s an email, but close enough) and let you know how excited we are to make a good thing even better!

Scott Griffith

Chairman and CEO