U-Turn Audio blows past $70k Kickstarter goal for affordable, high-quality turntable


Physical media is dead; long live physical media — particularly of the vinyl variety, as U-Turn Audio’s Orbit breaks the $100,000 mark on Kickstarter to deliver a high-end player at low-fi prices.

Boston-based U-Turn Audio is offering backers a chance to pay $150 plus shipping for an opportunity to be one of the first to get one of the simplified, high-end devices, or $250 for special “Kickstarter editions.”

So far, backers are biting: 240 signed up for the standard edition as of this writing, while 250 bought the pricier model.

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Bob Hertig, one of the company’s three founders, said that the funding success, with 19 days to go, has been satisfying but the team had put in a lot of legwork to help make it happen.

“We’ve said from the very beginning it’s mostly a marketing thing more than anything else to make vinyl seem new again,” he told me. “It’s all very calculated and it takes a huge amount of effort to make it a success.”

U-Turn Audio was founded by Ben Carter, Hertig, and Peter Maltzan, and had received $2,500 in seed funding from IDEA, Northeastern’s Venture Accelerator.

Hertig, a Northeastern alum, admitted that the funding went fast and still had them scrounging for second-hand parts — such as a $500 lathe he found on Craigslist. But the Northeastern connection also helped them with legal questions and, perhaps most importantly, developing a professional video to help get the Kickstarter off the ground.

Hertig is a Northeastern alum.

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