Formlabs: Despite lawsuit, full steam ahead


The Cambridge-based, Kickstarter-backed Formlabs is pumped and ready to go, despite the setback of a nasty lawsuit from an incumbent competitor.

Scott Kirsner profiled Formlabs back in September, noting about the young up-start, proposing to make a high-resolution 3D printer at the relatively low price point of $3,000, was attracting attention and investment. Their Kickstarter campaign ended a little shy of raising $3 million, but since then, they’ve come across some roadblocks.

Chief among them: A lawsuit filed by 3D Systems in November, a publicly traded company based in North Carolina that has focused on the industrial market.

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The lawsuit doesn’t seem to have intimidated the young upstart, however: In a blog post today, the company wrote it is “much closer to launching our production lines.”

The young company also announced it has grown the size of its software staff. And while the lawsuit wasn’t mentioned specifically, the post did take a revolutionary tone.

“We all want freedom to design. Freedom to innovate. Freedom to create. That’s why we’re moving full steam ahead,” wrote Luke Winston, Formlabs’ operations lead. “It’s about time all of us were Free to Form.”