Crowdfunding site Citizinvestor hits goal for Tech Goes Home project


Crowdfunding site Citizinvestor has helped fund its first Boston project, Tech Goes Home, which will give blind students iPads and instruction on how to use them.

I first profiled Citizinvestor, which is based in Florida, last month when I profiled new ways cities are investigating funding civic projects, but at the time, the site’s first project proposal, to plant trees across Philadelphia, didn’t get the uptake it needed to succeed, so it’s great to see a good cause benefitting.

In a blog post, the company noted that 47 Citizinvestors donated a total of $6,480, not a bad sum for someone selling a good cause instead of an iPhone dock. As someone who’s has been through the crowdfunding ringer a couple of times, I know how tough it can be to gain traction.

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Citizinvestor founder Jordan Raynor told me in an email that he is now working with Boston to identify other projects to post to the platform.

One thing I would have really liked to see is more profiles of who was donating: Most of the supporters have blank profile pages, including one kind soul who donated $1,110.

Getting more pictures, names, and faces to replace the blank, gray avatars would go more towards improving the community feel of the projects, as well as provide a little transparency about project backing.