As Global Cleantech Meet-up ramps up, Waltham-based A123 crashes down

Charles Dharapak/AP

As the Global Cleantech Meet-up kicks off and touts some of the Boston’s most innovative greentech companies, one formerly high-flying green company has been laid low: A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy.

The company had pinned hopes on selling batteries for electric vehicles, and in 2009 the company received $249.1 million grant to help it build manufacturing operations in Michigan. That was the same year it went public, with its IPO closing at $20.29 a share after helping the company raise $378 million.

Since then, with occasional bumps and dips, the company’s stock has marched steadily downwards.

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What does the bankruptcy mean for Massachusetts’ green economy? And for tonight’s presidential debate? I’d love to hear your thoughts, via email at or on Twitter at @HiveBoston.