Are start-ups or multinationals better for driving innovation?

Pam Berry/Globe staff

Is it easier to change the world through a disruptive start-up, or with the full weight of an established company at your disposal? That question is at the heart of this edition of The Exchange, in which two entrepreneurs, who also have experience at larger companies, debate what start-ups can — and can’t — do to successfully disrupt industries.

What about you? Did you find that taking a “corporate” job helped you drive innovation, or are you changing the world through a start-up? I’d love to hear your story: E-mail us at

And now, The Exchange:

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Scott D. Anthony , managing director at Innosight, writes that despite having launched his own company, he would advise his kids to look to join multinationals if they want to change the world.

Doron Kempel , chief executive at Simplivity, says it often takes a start-up to truly disrupt an industry, as more established businesses defend their existing revenue streams.

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