What changes does Boston’s start-up scene need?

A picture of Boston’s skyline.
While there’s lots to love about Boston’s start-up scene, there’s always room for improvement. What are your gripes, peeves, and ideas?
David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Boston is undeniably fertile ground for start-ups: From the research that leads to medical and technological breakthroughs to the talent to help bring them to market, it’s mix of academia, finance, and brutal winters to keep entrepreneurs indoors and working hard. But at the Hive Launch party on Tuesday, entrepreneurs and investors alike came up to me with wish lists for what they would like to see changed:

— Easier access to funding

— More accessible housing for entrepreneurs

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— Universities better connecting research with industry

— More collaboration between industries

And the list went on. What would you like to see changed about Boston’s start-up ecosystem? Email your thoughts to Hive@Boston.com or tweet them to @HiveBoston.