BU seals patent deal

Boston University has settled patent infringment lawsuits against 25 of the world’s major electronics firms, including Apple Inc., Amazon.com and Microsoft Corp.

BU has sued nearly 40 companies in US District Court in Boston since late 2012. The university said the companies’ products, including Microsoft’s Surface tablet computer, Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader, employ a semiconductor film developed at BU by electrical and computer engineering professor Theodore Moustakas, and patented in 1997.

The university settled with RPX Corp., a San Francisco firm that buys or licenses patents on behalf of its corporate clients, including 25 of the companies sued by BU. RPX will license the BU patents for an undisclosed sum, so that its clients can legally use the technology. BU will continue its lawsuits against 11 companies not represented by RPX.

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